A Brief Knowledge Of The Procedure For Lip Reduction Surgery

The most frequent request for a cosmetic lip modification is, by far, to make a little lip larger. However, some patients—both men and women—feel that their lips are overly large and would like to have them reduced in size. When one has naturally big lips, it might be difficult for the lips to cooperate and form a seal. It can also draw unwanted attention and cause embarrassment.

Macrocheilia, or very big lips, can develop for a variety of causes. Some people just naturally have them, while others develop them for a variety of unique medical conditions.

The Aim Of Lip Reduction Surgery

Surgery to reduce the size of the lips is intended to make them more proportional to one another and to the remainder of the face. Patient aims to avoid becoming the most prominent feature of their face that draws attention to them, at the very least.

Importance Of Surgical Planning

The procedure for Lip reduction surgery (ปากห้อย แก้ยังไง, which is the term in Thai) is straightforward, but surgical planning is crucial. A preliminary mark (line) is made at the wet-dry intersection. However, it may alter depending on whether the moist mucosa or the dry vermilion is more noticeable on the lip. No matter what portion of the top lip is removed, the conclusion shouldn’t be visible while the lips are relaxed or smiling. To avoid the problem of ant tissue excesses, a wedge-shaped portion of the extra lip is carved off and tapered as it enters the corners of the mouth.

The Procedure

Even though more profound anesthesia would be more enjoyable, lip reductions can be performed using local anesthesia. The wedge excision predominantly eliminates the undersurface submucosa and outer mucosa after anesthesia. For aesthetic reduction, it is not required to remove muscle, but the labial artery must be protected. A pinch method can prove to be quite helpful. By using this technique, a particular device is used to pinch up the specified quantity of mucosal excision until the full needed quantity is retained in the pinch. Then, this is severed with scissors, and a resorbable running thread is used to seal the wound.

To keep the dry vermilion moisturized as the lips enlarge and become more susceptible to cracking and pain, only an antibiotic cream or Vaseline should be administered.

To Conclude

Normal swelling of the lip is expected, and it can take a few weeks before the extent of the decrease is apparent. Typically, a horizontal lip size decrease of 4 to 6mm can be easily accomplished.