Be Thick-Skinned With These Myths

There have been certain skin-related myths that can actually damage your skin rather than take care of it. Therefore, before you can believe in them, you would need to have thick skin with regard to them. Some of them include:

Myth # 1: Only teens get acne

This is far from the truth. Acne can happen at just about any age. Even though you begin to get acne mainly when puberty strikes, it can occur at any point in your life. It does not at all imply that once you hit the menopause button, it will stop occurring. It happens mainly due to an oily diet or a diet plan that contains a lot of fat in it. Only the best cosmetic dermatologist would be able to tell you what to do in order to prevent this skin condition from affecting you badly.

Myth # 2: Facial exercises can prevent wrinkles

Even though you might try a wide variety of facial exercises, it cannot stop the natural process of the wrinkling of your skin. It will not tighten your skin because it is something that happens due to nature taking its own course. On the contrary, if you do more exercises for your face, it will end up creating even more wrinkles on your face. It will not make you look any younger than you thought you would be. Therefore, facial exercises are not going to help you.

Myth # 3: Warts do not spread to another individual

If someone is already wounded, the wart that has been removed from your body can fall on that person’s affected area and cause warts on their skin, too. In case you are thinking that it is not infectious, then it is not at all true. Even touching another person can cause warts on their skin. It is, therefore, contagious and will not stop spreading from one individual to another. It is, therefore, a myth that it will not spread at all.

Myth # 4: Lips do not burn under the sun

It is wrongful, though, that sunburns do not affect the lips. On the contrary, even lips get burned under the sun. Since your lips are very highly sensitive, you would need to take good care of them by applying a balm that contains protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun and more.

Myth # 5: Training at home is better than training outside

Even if you are a user of tanning beds, you would need to remember that they are hotter than the sun. Since they contain ultraviolet rays, they would tan your skin faster than when you train on the outside of your house. If you wish to get these and more myths demystified, then you would need to visit the best cosmetic dermatologist, who would be able to help you with the same. In fact, they would tell you when to do what, where to go, and where not to go, and also give you a good diet plan, some supplements, and topical creams that can help you achieve the goals of good skin care.