Key Features to Consider Before and After Silicone Breast Augmentation Surgery

silicone boobs before and after

Any type of plastic surgery should be carefully considered, and adequate study on the treatment is crucial. Significantly altering your physique has hazards and may have a long-term negative impact on your self-perception.

However, people who have had breast augmentation feel ranks as one of the many satisfying cosmetic procedures now accessible. Many women who choose breast augmentation wish they had done it earlier.

When considering silicone breast implants, knowing what to look for in the silicone boobs before and after the procedure. Individuals may make wise judgments and attain the desired results by considering these aspects. The key factors to take into account while choosing silicone breast implants are covered in this article, both before and after the procedure.


1- Implant Shape & Size 

Achieving the desired aesthetic result depends on selecting the proper implant size and form. When choosing the size and form of the implants, take into account aspects like your body type, the condition of your breast tissue, and your way of life. The objective is to obtain natural-looking outcomes that match your body’s dimensions and contour. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your body’s proportions, discuss your objectives, and suggest the best implant choices.

2- Implant profile 

The implant’s projection from the chest wall is referred to as its profile. There are several profiles of silicone breast implants, including low, moderate, high, and ultra-high. Every profile gives a varied amount of projection, which might change how the breasts seem in general. The implant profile you choose will depend on the size, cleavage, and fullness of your ideal breasts. Depending on your desired aesthetic results, your surgeon can assist you in selecting the best implant profile.

3- Implant texture 

There are two primary types of silicone breast implants: smooth and textured. Textured implants have a somewhat rough surface. The intention is to lessen the risk of implant movement or rotation, and smooth implants have a softer outer surface. In some circumstances, textured implants may be advised to reduce the likelihood of certain problems, such as capsular contracture. To make an informed choice, go through the advantages and disadvantages of each texture option with your surgeon.

4- Surgical incision options 

Different incision locations, such as the inframammary (underneath the breast’s crease) or periareolar (around the areola) can be used to put silicone breast implants. Every incision site comes with benefits and things to think about. This will include scar visibility, getting to the implant pocket and possible nursing effects. Your surgeon will help you decide the best type depending on your preference and anatomy. 

5- Implant placement 

Implanting silicone either submuscularly (partly or totally underneath the chest muscle) or subglandularly (above the chest muscle) is possible. The amount of breast tissue already present, the desired result and individual anatomy all influence the implant placement decision. With the help of your surgeon, you can decide which placement is best for you by weighing the pros and cons of each place. 

6- Long term follow-up care 

Adhering to your surgeon’s post-operative care recommendations and attending planned follow-up appointments after silicone breast augmentation surgery is crucial. Your breasts’ long-term health and state will be supported by routine monitoring of the implants. This will need clinical exams, imaging and self-examinations.

Parting Thoughts 

To get the results you want from silicone breast augmentation surgery, it’s crucial to carefully examine several factors. People can make educated judgments and obtain silicone breast augmentation results that are natural-looking and fulfilling by taking into account these characteristics of silicone boobs before and after the procedure. 

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