Warts: Diagnoses, Treatment Options, and Side Effects

Warts: Diagnoses, Treatment Options, and Side Effects

All of us have heard about Warts, and many have even experienced them. Warts usually go away without any treatment. This is especially seen in children. However, when adults get warts, they might not disappear quickly as they do in the case of children. Warts are mostly considered harmless, but if they don’t disappear soon, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

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Diagnoses of Warts

Viral infection usually causes warts. Human papillomavirus is the main culprit for causing warts, and they occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Direct contact
  • Sharing towels
  • Sexual contact
  • Casual skin contacts, etc.

Usually, any qualified skin doctor will be able to tell you that you have a wart right after looking at it. Nevertheless, if there is a need, the doctor may perform a skin biopsy. The procedure of biopsy is simple and harmless, and thus shouldn’t cause any anxiety.

Once it is confirmed that you have warts, your doctor will recommend you a treatment depending on your age and overall health.

Common treatment options:

Warts being a viral infection is hard to treat with antibiotics and other such medications. However, this does not mean warts can only be removed surgically. There are many non-surgical options too that help in removal.


Your doctor may recommend treating the wart in the clinic by simply covering it with cantharidin. It will cause a blister to form below the wart. Within a week or 10 days, you need to return to the clinic and the medical aesthetician will clip out the dried and dear wart.


Cryosurgery (freezing) is one of the most common treatments for warts. The treatment is not exactly painful, but can surely cause some dark spots, especially for people with a dark complexion. Also, it will be very common to go for a repeat treatment.

Laser treatment

If no other treatment option works for you, laser treatment will surely help. Any 脫疣醫生 will recommend laser treatment if your warts are not responding to other therapies. Before the treatment begins, your doctor will numb the wart using an anesthetic injection.

Preventing warts

It is very easy to prevent warts from reoccurring. Simply follow the measures given below:

  • Avoid direct contact
  • Treat any type of cuts and infections immediately
  • Avoid using the same objects that an infected person do
  • Maintain a proper skincare routine
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Side effects of wart treatments

Commonly used wart removal treatments are effective, but there can be some side effects associated with it. For instance, the most common side effect is scarring. If you are not ready for wart scars, it is best if you go for a more aggressive treatment method like surgery. Also, in some cases, wart treatment may lead to infection, especially for patients with high blood sugar levels, peripheral arterial disease, and immunity problems.

Therefore, before you go ahead with any wart treatment, take time and discuss all the pros and cons of the treatment option with your dermatologist. In general, laser treatments are effective and less harmful, but again proper communication with a dermatologist will help you take a proper decision.