Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Eyelash Serum

Eyelash serum are a not-so-popular cosmetic product currently. People still prefer wearing false lashes to enhance their eyes on special occasions. Mascaras are trusted saviors for last-minute look upliftment. But this is because not many might know that you can achieve a false lash-like volume and length for natural lashes. Yes, you heard us right! Just like achieving thick, long, and shiny hair is possible by regular oiling and other ways, thick and beautiful eyelashes are achievable too. And for that, you only need to have a good eyelash serum that gives your lashes all those nutrients that they might otherwise be deprived of.

  • How did eyelash serum come into being?

Would you believe it if I told you that eyelash serum was developed by an accident? Just like Alexander’s the telephone, eyelash serum was never intended to be invented. A glaucoma medication was used on the patients for their eye problems. However, it turned out that the chemical has side effects, thankfully positive ones. It proved to be a catalyst for eyelash growth beyond their natural growth cycle. Allergen was the first company to create an eyelash serum.

  • What is an eyelash serum?

Many people now make it a point to use serums in their skincare regimen, at the very least at night. Serums, however, are not just for the face. Eyelash serums have also made a wide market network for themselves.

A good eyelash serum will bolster your eyelashes with essential proteins and other nutrients that they are lacking. They will almost certainly lengthen and thicken the eyelash. Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin (vitamin B7), pumpkin seed extract, peptides, and castor oil are typically found in lash growth serums as ingredients and components. You won’t need to wear false lashes any longer if you apply the serum regularly.

  • Start with a known brand

You can’t only rely on any product when eyes are involved. Because they are so fragile and highly sensitive, the eyes and the areas around them shouldn’t be bothered by harsh products. Keep in mind that not all brands in the market can produce the greatest products. With increasing consumerism, a lot of brands have launched similar products. In flea-markets, you even get certain products for as cheap as Rs. 50. You might also find dupes of some high-end products. But please be aware. Do not blindly believe them, notwithstanding what their packaging promises.

It is OK to spend a few extra bucks on products that you know will have good results. Plus, skin care products need not be high-end only. You can find some good drugstore products that work well for you. The brand should be well established. But be aware that eye products will be a little pricier than any other cosmetic product because they need extra attention while they are curated. Also, try and purchase from dedicated stores or websites.

  • Images and Reviews

Having a few images of the brand’s before and after results is the greatest method to ensure that the brand is practicing what it preaches. Sometimes, they may make tall claims but the product might turn out disappointing. Hence, it is always good to ask for images of some results if you are purchasing from a store or a website. It will make a sense of satisfaction seep in and you will know that the product can be trusted.

However, what if pictures are morphed? Moreover, a brand might not be able to gather many before-and-after photographs if it is relatively new to the market. Additionally, customers might not feel secure posting their photos online. In such cases, make sure the brand at least has a few favorable reviews and ratings.

Reviews may come from professionals or customers. Reviews of either variety are crucial. A large number of influencers also evaluate beauty and lifestyle items due to the growth and popularity of YouTube. You can rely on them for recommendations as well. However, confirm that their reviews are not paid for by the brand itself.

  • Ingredients to look out for!

No matter the category, a good product’s ingredients are its secret weapon and the reason behind its success. A decent lash serum must therefore also contain high-quality components. The ingredients that prove to be nourishing for the lashes are those with antioxidant and vitamin E characteristics. Since oil is a key component in guaranteeing hydration and sustenance, hydrating oils should also be included in the product.

Bergamot, Blue Pea, and many plant extracts have all been found to be beneficial for eyelashes. Castor oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), and acetyl tetrapeptide-3 peptide are three such ingredients that are known to be exclusively beneficial for the eyelashes.

It’s equally necessary to exclude some ingredients. as it is to include the ones indicated above. Prostaglandins are one such compound. These are growth-restricting hormones that are identified to be a cause of undereye dark circles.

  • Your dermatologist knows the best

As has been repeated time and again, you cannot risk your eyes with just anything. Whichever serum you are planning to use, get it approved by your dermatologist. They know better than influencers, shopkeepers, and the internet. But if you don’t have one, go for only certified products.

The international standard for good manufacturing practices (GMP) known as ISO 22716, which is used by the cosmetics manufacturing industry, outlines the fundamentals of using GMP at a facility that creates finished cosmetic goods. Make sure your products have ISO certification if not a dermatologist’s certification.

Wrapping up!

You now have a fair idea about how to find the best eyelash serum. Consider the points mentioned above for the same. Get the serum approved by a dermatologist, look for the right ingredients, and above all trust the reviews. An eyelash serum would be a little heavy on the pockets but it would be worth it. Your eyes capture the best moments for you. So you owe them some care. Invest in a good serum and let your eyelashes grow.