Debunking CBD Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction in the UK

The usage of Cannabis in the medical field can never be ignored. This plant has been used as a pain reliever in the field of medicine in the past. Recently, professionals in the medical field have started exploring more medical benefits of CBD and its extended usage in relieving pain. Many are still confused about the difference between CBD & Marijuana, and people have loads of misconceptions about it.

Myth 1

There is a myth that CBD oil will give you high. This is not true because CBD oil is generated from the Hemp plant, and the presence of THC of tetrahydrocannabinol is too small. Hence, consumption of CBD UK oil will never give you a high like marijuana.

Myth 2

The people of the UK have a misconception that CBD oil is illegal in the country. Well, the presence of THC in CBD is not more than 0.2%, and hence, this oil is not illegal to consume in the UK. As per medical guidance, 0.2% THC can be used in CBD. So it is not illegal to consume.

Myth 3

Another myth is that both Marijuana & CBD are the same. There are several types of Cannabis plant available from which CBD and marijuana is extracted. The presence of THC is extremely low in CBD in comparison to marijuana. Consumption of Marijuana will give you a high, whereas CBD oil will not give you a high, and hence it is safe to consume.

Myth 4

Individuals often feel that the consumption of CBD is an addiction because marijuana is extracted from the cannabis plant. Well, as per WHO, CBD does not contain excessive THC to make people addicted to it. Hence, the consumption of CBD does not cause any problems.


Those are some common myths about CBD that people in the UK believe. However, CBD contains the lowest percentage of THC, as per the guidance of medical experts. So, consumption of CBD is not harmful to human health.