How Can I Tell if My Back Pain Is Kidney Related?

Renal pain, also known as kidney pain, is discomfort that occurs near your kidneys. The kidneys are two organs in the bean shape located below your ribcage on either side of your spine. Although kidney pain does not always indicate a problem with your kidneys, it can often be a sign of a problem in your urinary tract.

How Does It Feel When Your Kidneys Hurt?

Many people mistakenly think that kidney pain is back pain. There are key differences between back pain and kidney pain.

Back Pain vs. Kidney Pain

Back pain is most common in the lower back. It usually occurs at the middle of the back, above your spine and the lowest part. Back pain can sometimes radiate down your legs from spine-related problems.

Compared to kidney pain, it is usually located higher up on your back and often feels more severe. The majority of kidney pain symptoms are located under your ribs to the right or the left of your spine. Sometimes, kidney pain can radiate to your abdomen and groin. Hip pain can sometimes be confused with kidney pain. However, hip pain is usually lower in the back than kidney pain.

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