Things You Need To Know About Different Types Of Eye Shapes

Most people do not even know the exact eye shape they are flaunting, but it is easy to understand it by yourself. Vision and eye shape are not dependent on each other, but they might be affected

The Working Of Your Vision

Vision is a challenging process, and light rays go through the cornea. Thee cornea will refract the rays in your eyes as they have just passed through the pupil. The rays will go through the lens of your eyes where they are bent further. They focus on the retina at the back of your eyes. There are just light-sensing nerves in the retina, which are known as cones and rods based on their distinct shape. The cones are the center of the eye’s macula. They allow people to have perfect vision and sharp central vision. Also, the rods are outside your Mercola, and they also allow for a peripheral version.

Different Eye Shapes

Under this guide, you can learn everything about Types of eye shapes ( ตา สอง ชั้น มี กี่ แบบ which is a term in Thai).

· Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes make the brow bone appear very prominently as they are vast and deep in the skull.

· Monolid Eyes

This type of eye does not have much of any crease. They are very flat on the surface.

· Hooded Eyes

These eyes appear very small, and the lid is also tiny. It is because there is a lot of extra skin layer over the crease that ends up drooping down.

· Upturned Eyes

These eyes have a shape of an almond. There is a natural lift at the outer corner.

· Protruding Eyes

These eyes have eyelids appearing, projecting downwards in the socket area.

· Downturned Eyes

These types of eyes have a slight dropping at the outer corners.

· Close-Set Eyes

When the eyes are entirely closely set, the space between them is less than one of the eyeballs width apart.

Hence if you want to determine the shape of your eyes, you have to ask some questions to yourself. You have to check if you can see the crease or if it is visible. If the crease is visible, then you have to check if the colored part of your eye has some type of white part and if your eyes are round or not. If the outer corner of your eyes turns down, the eyes would be downturn eyes.