Which Bones Are Susceptible to Get Stress Fractures

Regrettably the majority of the bones which are inside the low extremities are more inclined to stress fractures. A few in the generally hurt bones include metatarsal bones, tibia, femur, cuneiform, calcaneus, cuboid and fibula. Some specific observations are really made below.


This is often indeed probably most likely probably the most vulnerable bone regarding stress fracturing many the injury frequently occurs over the shaft and neck areas of the bone. Normally once the injuries for that bone has received devote the reduced finish in the bone, meaning chances are it’s became of to get was introduced on by vertical forces that might have been happened when hill running or burst running, in which the ball within the foot remains overused.

Calcaneus (heel bone)

To discover whether this bone has a type of fracture, it’s normally squeezed lightly as well as any tenderness experienced from this is often warning signs of a fracture. Bone experts can establish wherever the fracture line might be across the bone. When the tenderness is felt across the calcaneus instead of across the bone itself, your cause generally is a plantar fascia injuries.


This can be whats referred to as probably most likely probably the most generally susceptible bone to injuries and fractures inside it undoubtedly are a common occurrence.


Pelvic stress fractures frequently occur because of running, particularly with others with weak bones or weak bones.

Cuneiform bones within the foot (the top of foot)

The injuries with this particular bone become individuals within the metatarsal and you’ll be caused by vertical forces (frequently introduced on by excessive training).

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Common reasons for Stress Fractures

Training Errors

Abrupt changes having a normal regime of exercise can lead to stress fractures. During this situation the bone becomes overstressed before it could get time for you to react adequately for that stress and this leads to the feel of fractures.

Wrong Footwear

The incorrect usage of footwear is a great reason behind injuries and even more so foot stress fractures. Old or inappropriate footwear won’t be capable of manage adequately while using the impact introduced on with the feet showing up in the ground. This repetitive impacting action without sufficient cushioning will render the lower extremities vulnerable to fractures, especially foot stress fractures. This occurs a great deal specifically when running on solid ground.